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Here you’ll always have the perfect overview of your entire stream. You can even see the connection quality of the stream using the five bars in the top right corner. Once you are on the main screen of the program, the actual tool opens in all its glory. Now you have to log in with your main Twitch account so that a connection between chatbot and Twitch account can be established. Copy Chat Command to Clipboard This will return a number between 1 and 100. To change the number range, simply change one or both of the numbers This is used for the popular PP command with 0 and 15 or so LOL.


Click the «Save» button at the bottom of the menu. You can use this to e.g. post some commonly used commands, announcements, or to shout out your sponsors. Find the location of the video you would like to use. I have found that the smaller the file size, the easier it is on your system. Converting a video file to a .webm works great!

18 Discord

Your Moobot will then respond with the chat command’s response. To use a chat command, you just send a normal message to chat like «! Command», where «Command» is the name of the chat command.

A previous version of this command subrtacted 1 from the subcount. This is correct.ToeKneeTM and Deformance Return your current stream uptime ! Save your file in an easy to recall location as a FILENAME.txt file and then use the command below.

Streamlabs Chatbot Commands for Mods

This is a default command, so you don’t need to add anything custom. Go to the default Cloudbot commands list and ensure you have enabled ! Although there are some moderation tools on streaming platforms, these programs have a much more in-depth moderation and plenty of entertainment features. You can set up commands for yourself or your viewers to use or just useful information, such as a reminder to drink water or for viewers to follow. Besides the usual chat moderation, Botisimo can display advanced analytics to show users how their stream is performing on any given day. New user counts are logged, as well as engagement and activity, and it is all neatly logged in easy-to-display graphs for streamers to observe.

The counter function of the Streamlabs chatbot is quite useful. With different commands, you can count certain events and display the counter in the stream screen. For example, when playing particularly hard video games, you can set up a death counter to show viewers how many times you have died. Death command in the chat, you or your mods can then add an event in this case, so that the counter increases.

Auto disabling temporary chat commands​

This will display the channel’s name in sentence case. E.g. the channel name «moobot» will display as «Moobot». This will display the current time for the set time zone, in 24-hour format.

current wins count

Look up League of Legends ranks, the now playing song on Spotify/, the weather, and a lot more using variables. Variables allow you to create dynamic responses to commands and timers by accepting user input and querying remote APIs. Automatically post messages to chat on an interval.

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Discord that will give links to your other social accounts. If you create commands for everyone in your chat to use, list them in your Twitch profile so that your viewers know their options. To make it more obvious, use a Twitch panel to highlight it. To add custom commands, visit the Commands section in the Cloudbot dashboard.

  • Of course, you should not use any copyrighted files, as this can lead to problems.
  • In the streamlabs chatbot ‘console’ tab on the left side menu, you can type in the bottom.
  • Feature commands can add functionality to the chat to help encourage engagement.
  • So someone types the command in and they receive the response.
  • Your viewers and Twitch mods can also use your chat commands, which lets you focus on something else.
  • With everything connected now, you should see some new things.

This will display the channel’s current amount of Twitch subs. URL-fetching allows you to get chat command responses directly from a remote service. The arguments will be empty if you use the chat command with no text. Social», you also might want it to respond to «!

!Followage chat command​

Typically social accounts, Discord links, and new videos are promoted using the timer feature. Before creating timers you can link timers to commands via the settings. This means that whenever you create a new timer, a command will also be made for it. Streamlabs chatbot allows you to create custom commands to help improve chat engagement and provide information to viewers. Commands have become a staple in the streaming community and are expected in streams.

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  • You can adjust which timers are posting the chat command directly from the edit-menu in the «Timer» input.
  • Fully searchable chat logs are available, allowing you to find out why a message was deleted or a user was banned.
  • Gloss +m $mychannel has now suffered $count losses in the gulag.
  • You can also see how long they’ve been watching, what rank they have, and make additional settings in that regard.
  • This bot is also available for those streaming through Discord, a platform with more limited options.
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