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DentalMaster Personal Assistant and Cloud license can be used on several devices *

  • *can be used on several devices but can only be used on one device at a time

VAT may appear in the item you select, but it will be removed when inserting your Details for Europe and the United States and some other countries (we do not charge TAX or VAT for these countries).

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La TVA peut apparaître dans l’article que vous sélectionnez, mais elle sera retirée lors de l’insertion de vos coordonnées pour l’Europe et les États-Unis et certains autres pays (nous ne facturons aucune TAXE ou TVA pour ces pays).

El IVA puede aparecer en el artículo que seleccione, pero se eliminará al insertar sus datos para Europa y Estados Unidos y algunos otros países (no cobramos impuestos ni IVA para estos países).

*If you are purchasing a subscription with a promotional one-time fee and no monthly fees, the following terms apply depending on the promotional offer you purchase:

  1.    One-Time Fee for Personnel Assistant or DentalMaster Cloud product: This one-time fee promotion, which DentalMaster offers to new customers from time-to-time, grants you a paid web subscription to Personnel Assistant product selected and paid for by you the user. No additional monthly base subscription fees will be charged.
  2.    One-time fee subscriptions are in effect for as long as the software is available commercially, unless terminated earlier in accordance with these Terms of Use or the End User License Agreement (e.g., if you violate these agreements).