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Additional licenses can be purchased at the end of the process from the shopping cart. 

All in one package(5 modules included)
Cloud license, can be use any where, any time, device or brand

3D Cloud

The worldwide unique AI that allows you to tailor-made Real interactive 3D animations in less than 10 seconds! in a 3D interactive model adapted to your patient needed.

Personal Assistant Cloud is our ready-made 3D Bank of animations allows to explain most of the treatment processes with up to 400 animations.

X-Ray D2D

Improve your drawing talent when creating your treatment plan by placing graphic elements directly on your patient’s Xray for a simple and easy treatment planning.

Magic does exist!

In less than minutes, Highlight areas that require an aesthetic focus on the digital Image of your patient and be able to show before and after.:

Use any of the personalized images from 3D cloud, D2D or DentalMagic to create stunning leaflets.
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